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by steven noreyko :: photographer

Steven Noreyko provides top-notch headshot photography in Austin, Texas for actors, executives, performers, musicians, business people and for your social media profiles.

For the actor or performer, a headshot is a marketing tool designed to get you noticed and get you work. For executives, speakers and small business people a great headshot is all about "branding". Don't you want the most effective headshot you can get?

The proof is in the images. Check out samples of Steven's work:
- actor headshots - men
- actor headshots - women
- executive / corporate / professional headshots
- social media / LinkedIn headshots

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What clients are saying:

"I had a great experience getting my photos taken by Steven. Having my picture taken isn't something I'm particularly good at, but Steven made it easy. He had great website tips on preparing for my online dating photos. He provided humorous banter and helpful coaching once I got there. He both set me at ease while he took the photos, and then helped me select a set of high quality profile pictures that really look like me. Stevens online dating photo package is a good value."
- Jeff Schmitt

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“The most important part of your LinkedIn profile is your picture.”

A client pointed me at a great web video today called “The Do’s and Dont’s of LinkedIn Branding” by Kevin Nichols. About 7 minutes into the talk, the Mr. Nichols states something I’ve been telling business clients for years: “The most important part of your LinkedIn profile is your picture. It’s your first impression” “…it’s [...]

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Twenty-seven 8×10 Color Glossy Pictures…

When I talk with actors about headshot prints I’m almost always reminded of the epic song/monologue “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree” by singer-songwriter Arlo Guthrie. Over the years memorized most of the 18-minute long song (yup, I’m a nerd). The following bit always comes to mind:

“… and they took twenty seven 8×10 color glossy pictures with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one was to be used as evidence against us”

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