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Top 5 Headshot Tips

Here’s a quick list of tips to make your headshot photo session a success.

  1. Get Some Rest
    Getting a good nights sleep before your headshot session will help keep your eyes looking bright and can help avoid dark circles under your eyes.
  2. Keep clothing simple
    Avoid busy patterns in shirts/ties/blouses. You don’t want your clothing to distract from your face.
  3. Bring clothing options
    Always bring an extra outfit or two to your session. Different necklines can affect the shape of your face, so having a few different choices (shirt with a collar, crew neck, v-neck, scoop neck, etc.) can be very helpful.
  4. Share your intentions
    Let your photographer know what kind of look you want. Bring examples or reference images from the photographers portfolio.
  5. Actors – think about “characters” you might portray
    Are you the good guy/girl, the popular guy/girl, the bad guy/girl,
    the professional guy/girl? Where is this character from? What is his/her disposition? What is his/her financial background (blue collar/white collar/middle)? These questions will help you decide what kind of wardrobe to bring.

Check out my headshot tips page for more helpful information.

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Headshot Tips

  1. AlexG

    Very good advice. Head shots are really easy for the photographer to date, why they don’t come through is becuase the actor/model is just trying way to hard or didn’t get enough rest the night before. Worse yet, they went out drinking. It shows in their eyes.

  2. Brad L.

    Looking your best and talking openly with your photographer are the two best pieces of advice I can give. Your photographer should be a top notch professional, coach you through the shoot, and listen to your goals as an actor.

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