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Sometimes a headshot is not a headshot

I get asked all the time if headshot sessions include half-body or full-body views as well as the standard head-and-shoulders view. Yes, of course… if that’s what you need.

The real question is do you really need a half or three quarter view of your body?
Molly Wear Standing Headshot

Typically actors and corporate headshots focus on the head and shoulders because that’s what people want to see – your smiling face. As you pull back to a wider view, your face gets smaller in the frame. When looking at thumbnails on websites, a full-body view will make your face tiny and perhaps unrecognizable.

For actors a half-body or wider view can be useful if you want to show off your physique, but only as a supporting image to your primary head-and-shoulders photo. Remember, the important thing about a headshot is showing what you really look like so you get called in for auditions. That determination is almost always made based on your face.

However, there are some exceptions…

Seeking male and female Extras with physically fit swimsuit bodies… include several current photos of you in swimwear, your age, height/weight…

…as is obvious from this casting notice. But again, unless you’re strictly a swimsuit model, then your primary headshot is not going to be you in a swimsuit. That is a supporting photograph.

If you anticipate needing something beyond the head-and-shoulders view, talk to your photographer before your photo session and figure out what will work best for your situation.