Having a great online profile picture (aka "avatar" or "PFP") can really help you stand out from the crowd. A great PFP makes you recognizable online and helps people remember you instantly. For your company website, blog and social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, a great profile picture is an essential part of building your "personal brand".

Social Media Headshots - Individuals In Studio

 StandardMulti-lookAt Your Location
Price$155.00$245.00Call (4 person minimum)
LicenseWeb/Screen onlyWeb/Screen onlyWeb/Screen only
Deliverables1 image selection3 image selections-
Resolutionweb-rez, 1080pweb-rez, 1080pweb-rez, 1080p
Retouchingcheck fullcheck full-
Clothing changes12-3-
Web proof galleryxxcheck
Turnaround1-2 Days1-2 Days-
UsesPersonal/company website, LinkedIn, Facebook, TwitterPersonal/company website, LinkedIn, Facebook, TwitterPersonal/company website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
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Additional Clothing Changes$30.00 (each)For photographing additional clothing changes beyond those in the standard packages.
Upgrade to High-Resolution File$75.00 (each)Image selection delivered at 3000x2000 pixels @ 300ppi for PR, print, marketing uses.
Additional Image Selections$60.00 (each) web-rez
$95.00 (each) high-rez/PR use
For each additional image beyond those offered in the selected headshot package. Retouching included.
Online proof gallery$40.00
Makeup Artist$175A hair and makeup artist is optional. Makeup artist stays for the entire session to do touch-ups and minor changes.


Mike Winnie
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